Commercial Water Saving Shower Heads

Commercial Shower Heads

FOY Showers were invented by engineers who had to overcome water pressure difficulties and still provide a great shower experience. Initially branded e-Co Shower, the testimonials came in and speak for themselves.

FOY Commercial Water Saving Shower Heads

Whether destined for hotels, office showers, schools or the outdoors, FOY has a solution to every need.

* Gold / Chrome Plated Shower Roses that can be retrofitted to existing installations using International Standard Threading.

* Matte Black Security Shower Heads for Outdoors - an engineering design that minimises risk of threat while still delivering

Low Cost Commercial Shower Heads

Think of the life cost of a shower head. First,

  1. Is there any plastic in the design that may deteriorate?
  2. Will the performance and appearance of the shower head decline between maintenance from the build up of Calcium and Other Deposits?
  3. Maintenance, how much will you be paying in cleaning the shower head of calcium deposits.

The pressure of both water AND air in the FOY shower has seen a rose never returned in over 20 years.

Commercial Shower Heads Product Reviews

"Utilising E-Co Shower heads in the ablutions/change room of an administration block negated a major capital acquisition of additional hot water heaters. Their maintenance requests for "no hot water available" became obsolete and Defence was able to achieve desirable outcomes of continuous hot water and reduce energy usage at the same time.
The shower head was tested for efficiency and calcification of the orifice and shower rose. No deposits of foreign matter were detected due to the aeration action of the E-Co Shower unit and efficiency standards have been maintained.
The utilisation of E-Co shower heads will not only deliver the designed reduction in energy consumption, operating costs reduction and green house emissions but also provide secondary quantifiable reductions."

* Australian Defence Procurement Officers

"The performance of the E-Co Showers has proven to be exceptional for a water saving shower as the product has been accepted by all at the Royal Australian Air Force Base, Williamtown NSW."

* Major Plumbing Contractor

"Water solutions contractor E-Co Shower have installed a special custom-made shower to suit the gravity-fed water system in place at the station. The shower reduces water usage yet maximises the quality of water delivery using an innovative method of mixing air and water together."

* Emergency Services Procurement, Fire

"Since we purchased our shower roses from you, we have been very pleased with the positive comments we have had from our guests."

Hotelier in Hunter Wine Valley, Australia

"After four months of use I am very happy with the water saving, and equally important all my tenants are happy with the performance of their showers."

Holiday Apartments Building Manager, Gold Coast Australia

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